Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ink to Image [2] - Beautiful Creatures

Did I read the book or watch the movie first?
Seeing that the movie just hit theaters on Valentine's Day, I definitely read the book first, but I was there on the 14th to see the movie (what can I say, I was excited!).

Which was better?
This is tough. The screenplay was much altered from the story in the book, but the movie was so good you guys. Still, I really missed all the things they left out and changed, so I'm going to go with the book. To me, the lore, details, and some events were really important and they made more sense to me than the direction the movie took. But the movie is a very close second because it was funny and quirky and I adored Ethan and Lena all over again.

What made me read/watch?
From the first time I heard about Beautiful Creatures, I wanted to read it. The southern setting, magic, and mystery were right in my wheelhouse. Reading and loving the book is what made me want to see the film. (The phenomenal casting didn't hurt either.)

Will I read/watch more if available?
I will definitely be reading more. I've currently read the first two books in the series plus the available novella, and I have the third book on my TBR shelf just waiting for me. I will also be watching the movie again, and will watch any more movies they make for the series so long as the actors stay put (because, again, Ethan and Lena were amazing!).

That's it quirks! I hope you enjoyed my assessment. Have you gotten to see the Beautiful Creatures movie yet? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments!?

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