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Reality TV: The Bachelorette Season 11 Week 9 Recap and Thoughts

So I've missed a couple weeks due to going out of town and a back issue that made any position, especially sitting in a chair, painful, but here we are again! The group shrank from nine to three over the last two weeks, so let's refresh on who stayed and who went home:

Week 7
  • Nick got the one-on-one date rose. Jared got the group date rose.
  • J.J. got sent home on the two-on-one date and Joe got a rose.
  • At the rose ceremony, Shawn, Chris, and Ben H. received roses; Tanner and Ben Z. got sent home.
  • Jared gets a one-on-one date with Kaitlyn while they drive through Ireland to their next destination, and there is no rose.
  • Kaitlyn is informed by the ever-elusive Chris Harrison that the order of dates and things is changing, so Katilyn has to reduce the number of guys from six to three, and those three will get the fantasy suite dates and then the final two will get hometown dates.
  • Chris gets the first of these dates (one-on-one) and is sent home.

Week 8
  • Ben H. gets a one-on-one date and gets the date rose.
  • There is a group date with Joe, Nick, and Shawn. Joe gets sent home, but Kaitlyn does not give out a group date rose. She does choose Shawn for the extra date time, during which she tells him she slept with Nick.
  • The rose ceremony happens with no cocktail party, and Shawn gets a rose first (after he has a little convo with Kaitlyn). Then Nick gets the last rose and Jared is sent home.
  • We got the first of the overnight dates with Nick and Kaitlyn.

This episode starts off reminding us of all that has happened with the drama between Nick and Shawn. We next see Shawn confronting Nick and they throw barbs back and forth. This whole scene is pretty ridiculous. Next we see Kaitlyn talking about how Nick and Shawn hate each other and how it diminishes both of them in her eyes. So she's focusing on her next overnight date which is with Ben, who is definitely getting a lot more screen time and is looking more and more like a potential Bachelor. Their date starts off with horse-riding and then feeding some fuzzy donkeys which chase them when there is no more food. Then there is lots of kissing, of course. Side note: Galway is freaking gorgeous. They continue riding the horses to a picnic near a legit castle and have some serious talk about how he is falling in love with her.

Kaitlyn drops the news that they are going to have dinner at the castle. It's pretty informal and Ben brings up something that has yet to come up with him - his age. He's on the young side (26) and it turns out it's not an issue for either of them. There is lots of laughing and kissing and then the date card comes out. Ben admits he hates that there are other people involved but he's all in on Kaitlyn, so they (of course) go into the fantasy suite. Also, Ben is super well-spoken and if he's chosen as the next Bachelor, I'll be excited. He seems like a sweet guy. As much as I know this show isn't really about love and romance (it's about exposure for the cast and money for the makers), I still like to see two people fall in love, and Ben as the Bachelor would really go a long way into having that fairytale storyline come around again.

In the morning Kaitlyn says they had a lot of fun and only slept a half hour, and she's confused more now than ever. But next is her date with Shawn, so we see her go pick him up at his room and she gives him a gift of golf clothes because they are going golfing. Shawn's outfit is pretty crazy (bright pink and blue) and Kaitlyn says he looks like the hottest dork ever. Before they play they make a bet, which amounts to Kaitlyn getting whatever she asks for no matter who wins. Kaitlyn wins because Shawn kept hitting his balls in the water, so for her bet win she wants to play truth or dare. Shawn says he's a dare kind of guy, so Kailtyn dares him to strip naked on the golf course. Kailtyn jokes that he'll get his own black box and he does. He sinks a putt while naked, and while he's distracted, Kailtyn grabs his clothes and runs off. He chases after her, black box bouncing along.

Dinner is more subdued. They smile a lot as they relive their golf date, but then Kaitlyn gets straight to the point: why does Shawn hate Nick? Shawn reveals that he confronted Nick. Kaitlyn repeats what Nick told her about Shawn and Shawn is all fired up and Kaitlyn is not happy either, but she wants to keep talking about everything off-camera. They take literally no time to talk about it and head right up to their room. The next morning, we see Shawn leaving and Kaitlyn doesn't look like she got much sleep. Shawn has just walked outside the hotel when there is Nick waiting around the corner for him. Shawn ignores Nick when Nick greets him, and then when Nick asks if Shawn has some time to talk, Shawn says he doesn't want to talk to Nick at all but lets him come in to the room. Nick says he wants to have a man-to-man conversation, but Shawn jumps right in there saying he knows what Nick said about him to Kaitlyn. I love it how Nick, who is a smooth talker, can barely get a word in and then Shawn kicks him out of his room.

Next we see Chris Harrison having a sit-down with Kaitlyn, and she says she was waiting for something to go wrong and hoping that the dates would clarify things for her, but it hasn't really. They talk about Shawn's jealousy and if it only exists because of the situation or if that is how he is normally. They also talk about Nick and then Harrison asks about the dynamic between the two. She says they are acting immaturely and how they act toward each other affects her feelings for them. Then there is Ben who is above the drama and would make a great husband. Kaitlyn says the decision will be painful and that unfortunately she will be blindsiding somebody like she was blindsided when she got sent home on The Bachelor.

Chris Harrison preps the guys then Kaitlyn enters and gives a little speech about how she is in love and how the dates all went great and she thanks them then apologizes because she is getting emotional, then she takes a break and leaves them for a bit because she's about to crack. Chris Harrison talks her down and she goes back in and says her decision feels impossible and she just hopes by following her heart, she's not making a mistake. Nick gets a rose first which made my eyes pop out of my head. Shawn looks like he's about to explode and Ben seems to be preparing himself for disappointment. Shawn gets the second rose. Ben looks a little stunned but also keeps it together pretty well. He is, as always, articulate and kind when he has his last talk with her. He gets in the van and leaves and you start to see more of the emotion on his face. Ben takes this journey as a victory because he was able to open himself to love again. Kaitlyn is left crying and then has to deal with the two guys left who hate each other. After Kaitlyn has a toast with them, they are left to drink their champagne together and it is the most awkward scene ever.

Next we see Kailtyn arriving at a resort in Utah where she will meet Nick and Shawn's families. First she meets up with Nick and they have a talk. He tells her he is in love with her and is more sure this time than he was last time when he was in this (exact) situation. So the next scene is probably the second most awkward ever and it is Nick's family all sitting in a big circle and no one is talking. His family was not excited about him going on the show again and even his little sister is crying because everyone is afraid he is going to get dumped again. So Kaitlyn wins over the family by talking about how many great conversations she and Nick have had. Then Nick talks with his mom and he has tears and she has tears and wow is this going to be bad for them if Kaitlyn doesn't pick Nick. In Kaitlyn's ITM, she seems to be super happy with Nick and his family. But something I've noticed this season is that in his ITM's, Nick just has dead eyes like he's half asleep all the time. What's that about?

Anyway, Shawn and his family are up next. Kaitlyn seems ready and amped to meet Shawn's sisters but Shawn thinks they are going to be tough on Kaitlyn. So they meet the family and Kaitlyn just gushes about Shawn and she seems to get on really well with his sisters and to Shawn they reassure him that he's made a good choice. Shawn's dad is kinda worried so he goes and has a conversation with him. You can tell his dad is super skeptical. But Shawn tells him enough that makes his dad feel better, so everyone is happy at the end. So Shawn gets some alone time with Kaitlyn and he tells her that he loves her for the first time (but he does it in such a way that makes it seem he's about to drop a bad thing on her) but she's gushing about him again in her ITM. She's emotional after she leaves Shawn because she's confused about her feelings and doesn't know what to do, and that is where we leave her.

So that's all this week! We have the Men Tell All episode next week and then the finale! I'm personally excited to see what all the guys will say after having watched the season. Now, for my very short list:

Who do I think will be the next Bachelor: Ben H.
Who do I think will win: Shawn
What am I most excited to see: the After the Final Rose episode

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