Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Old/New/Hodgepodge Zodiac Sign

In The 13th Sign by Kristin O'Donnell Tubb, Jalen Jones accidentally unlocks the 13th sign, Ophiuchus (the healer), causing everyone in the world to have their personalities changed to match their new sign. People who were calm and stoic one minute are suddenly emotionally unstable. Sarcastic and aloof people have become friendly and helpful. How crazy would that be? Do our zodiac signs have that much of an impact on us?

I don't think so. True, I used to read the horoscopes in my local newspaper or a magazine on occasion, and I loved reading the little descriptions of my zodiac sign on magnets and t-shirts and other trinkets. I even liked to see what my Chinese zodiac sign was when I'd visit a local restaurant. But I never believed in any of it. Sometimes the descriptions seemed to fit, sometimes they didn't. It was interesting if not entirely accurate.

So when I read The 13th Sign, I was interested to see what the signs, no longer symbols but characters, were like and if my old one or my new one fit me better. Here is what Tubb's website says about my signs:

Traditional 12-Sign Zodiac:
Capricorn (the goat) - ambitious, trustworthy, calm, a loner, pessimistic, and determined

The 13-Sign Zodiac:
Sagittarius (the archer) - cheerful, optimistic, generous, restless, controlling, and logical

Reading these descriptors is kind of funny because if you were to put all the adjectives together and form one big list (Capritarius? Sagicorn?), it actually fits me pretty well. Even the antonyms, such as optimistic (Sagittarius) and pessimistic (Capricorn) are accurate because while I tend to have a realistic and sometimes gloomy view of things (pessimist), I still try to stay positive and look on the bright side (optimist).

Want to know what your traditional sign and your new sign are? You can head over to Tubb's website and take The 13th Sign Quiz. Not only will you find out your two signs, you will also find out which sign you act like. 

What sign do I act like?
Leo (the lion) - affectionate, self-confident, creative, vain, gullible, and independent

Again, more adjectives to add to my mish-mash of a zodiac sign (Lesagicap? Head of lion, body of a goat, and a bow?) All of this may just solidify my belief that the zodiac is mostly full of guidelines and for entertainment, not a hard and fast rule of personalities, but it is still fun to see what they are all about.

Want to see what life would be like if the zodiac really had an impact on your personality? Read Kristin O'Donnell Tubb's The 13th Sign! It is a fun and fast-paced adventure through the zodiac with a lot of heart.

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I hope you enjoyed this little rundown of my zodiac results! What do you think of the zodiac? Share your thoughts and your results of The 13th Sign Quiz in the comments! And don't forget to come back Friday for an interview with the author!

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