Monday, June 16, 2014

From Where I'm Standing [15] - More TFIOS Fun!

Congrats to The Fault in Our Stars film for being #1 at the box office its first weekend! Despite getting to see it in May, I went with some of my friends from work to see it again opening night, and we did hand hearts as an early nod to #EstherDay.

Staci, me, and Dawn before the crying started. A big thank you goes to Julie for taking the photo!

Now that the movie is out, I want to share some more video I got on my TFIOS TN trip. The video is long and in two parts. All of it takes place in a meeting room at a (rather swanky) Nashville hotel and features Ansel Elgort, Nat Wolff, John Green, and Shailene Woodley answering questions and continuing their trend of being adorable and cool.

This part of my trip was my favorite not only because I never expected to be this close to the stars or that I would get to talk to them directly, but because the four of them spoke more freely than I had seen them do so before (okay, not John, because John is always open and enthusiastic). Also, an apology on the quality - the first part was shot by iPhone and the second on my Meg's camera.

Hope you enjoy!

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