Monday, September 1, 2014

For Fun [1] - Bookish Shuffle Tag

The Bookish Shuffle Tag is something done on many Booktube channels, but I'm not up to doing videos right now, so I thought I'd just make it a post! I wanted to do this after watching Kimberly Reads tag video, so go check it out!

The rules are simple: put your iPod/iTunes/whatever on shuffle, and for each song that plays, pick a book to go with the song. Because I have a bunch of ambient sound tracks and audio books in my iTunes, I did have to do some skipping, but otherwise the songs came up as listed.

Along with listing the songs and my book choices (which are all physically on my shelf and have been read), I try to explain why I picked each book. Because this was so much fun, I ended up doing fourteen (which is one of my favorite numbers). Follow the links to find out more about the books and songs. ^_^

Dreamland is (as far as I've read) the darkest of Sarah Dessen's books and by the end, while the main character is on the road to healing, she's not there yet.

This is definitely not my favorite of the Twilight books, but most of New Moon is Bella dealing with the sudden change in her life that makes her extremely depressed, and on top of that, December is one of the months she loses to her depression.

This song reminded me of the beginning of this book where Lenah wakes up to being human and without her lover Rhode.

My love for this book knows no bounds, and for me the vibe of this song just fit the characters, while the lyrics could be related to a certain rough patch they go through.

This song, about a relationship that is wanted but may not be fated, immediately brought to mind Hallowed, the sequel to Unearthly. I'm Team Tucker all the way.

Lena and Ethan could not have been farther away from each other in this book and this song has an unearthly sound that, in my mind, matches their situation.

In The Dark Divine series, Grace is trying her best to get through the craziness that has become her life, and in this last book, she needs all the help she can get to make it through and find happiness and hope again.

While it doesn't exactly match the true tone of the song, Cinder and its sequels are definitely about fairytale heroines taking their destinies into their own hands.

A song this bad-ass and sexy can only fit Hallie Girard.

This song moves from sad to hopeful, and it reminds me of the relationship between Eva and Addie.

The vibe of this song and the fact that it seems to be about werewolves (or some other nighttime monster) brought to mind Scarlett's fierceness.

This book is all about the crossroads between emotions and senses and the song reminded me of Alison's thoughts upon seeing an out-of-this-world vista.

Timepiece is about two people with secrets and walls built-up finding each other and becoming islands no longer. The cool/sexy vibe of the song is also quite fitting.

This song makes me think of a fashion show, and while The Selection isn't about a fashion show, it does deal significantly with the girls of the selection being made up to fit a certain persona and also having to act differently than how they would in normal life.

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