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Reality TV: The Bachelorette Season 11 Week 3 Recap and Thoughts

Hey quirks! Sorry this is so late - I've been sick and then I had a house-sitting gig that I'm still at, so my regular schedule is all messed up. Anyway, let's talk about all the cray that went on in Week 3!

So the episode begins where we left off with Kupah having a meltdown after Katilyn sent him home. He's yelling and she's doing an ITM and is shocked that she suddenly hears him blowing up at producers, so she goes out there and talks to him. He calms down, but then once she's gone back inside, he proceeds to mock her. Finally, drink still in hand, Kupah gets in the provided vehicle and goes home.

Kaitlyn discusses how invested she is in the guys' feelings and then she goes and talks to the group before the rose ceremony begins. The whole Kupah situation has put a downer on the mood. The rose ceremony commences and Cory S. and Daniel go home and Katilyn is visibly upset at having to send them home.

The next morning the guys are woken up by two sumo wrestlers and a gong. Chris Harrison introduces them to champion sumo wrestlers Byamba and Yama and informs the guys that some of them are going to be learning the sport of sumo. The chosen are Clint, Chris, Tony, J.J., Joe, and Shawn. They each get the traditional sumo uniform, a mawashi, and Joe is not sure how he feels about it. However, once the mawashi-es are on, Joe lets it ALL hang out. According to our mutual contact, this is exactly how Joe was in high school, not caring if his rear-end or anything else was available for the world to see. His banter with Katilyn regarding his bobs and bits is hilarious.

The guys get some pointers and Byamba and Yama give a demonstration, then each guy gets in the ring. Clint looks ridiculous with his man-bun and seems to be taking this event way too seriously because he as a wrestling background, and the amount of ink on J.J.'s upper left arm is also ridiculous. I'm not a huge fan of tattoos to begin with (aesthetically, not morally), but J.J.'s is just straight-up awful. It kind of looks like someone threw up color all over his shoulder in an approximation of cover art for a heavy metal album for eight-year-olds.

Tony is Mr. Ridiculous #3. He also has a tattoo that covers his entire lower left leg (in fact, there is A LOT of ink on these guys, which for most of them, is surprising). In his match with Byamba, Tony is so silly in his technique he makes Byamba laugh the whole time. Then Tony goes and gives his irritated speech about not liking the violence on these dates and upsets everyone. There is a second part of the sumo date where they guys give an exhibition of their sumo skills and Tony does not attend. My favorite part was when Katilyn suited up and wrestled Byamba. He picked her up like a twig and swung her around, then let her push him out of the ring and win. It was cute. At the group date after party, Tony arrives to say that he is leaving the show. I, for one, am glad. His brand of crazy was funny at first, but then it turned annoying and wasn't worth it anymore. After, we see that Clint is not going to approach Katilyn and decides to let her come to him if she wants to talk to him, and J.J. tries to tell his bro that this is a bad idea. Shawn Gosling takes center stage and lays out his feelings for Katilyn in that deep, slow voice of his (then lays on the smooches), then Katilyn gives him the group date rose. Clint is frustrated but blaming Katilyn, not his own idiotic strategy. He says he's realizing Katilyn is probably not the girl for him, but the he talks about his relationships with the guys, namely J.J. This is leading into the (false) storyline of J.J. and Clint's more-than-bromance.

The next day, Ben Z. gets a date card from Chris Harrison. He's going on the one-on-one date with Katilyn at The Basement: A Live Escape Room Experience. The date involves them being "locked" in a room and having to solve puzzles and find clues to escape. Live animals were added to the experience by production to up the drama for the couple, and we learn that Kaitlyn is afraid of birds. There is lots of fretting and near tears. Once they are in the room, it is very creepy. There is blood, body parts, darkness, broken furniture, and someone on a bed that moves around and scares them. The worst part as a viewer is the disgusting bathroom full of snakes and the toilet full of gross, disgusting looking things that Ben Z. has to reach into to retrieve a clue. There is also a time limit of 45 minutes.

So Ben Z. stepped up and did the manly protection thing and Kaitlyn really liked it. They go to her place and have pizza and we get the honestly sad story of Ben Z.'s mother dying. Then we get the honestly strange revelation that Ben Z. hasn't cried in eleven years, which, of course, is foreshadowing the fact that he will most likely cry on this show. Overall, I like Ben. Z. He's hunky and seems nice and pretty normal. Their date ends in the hot tub. Katilyn looks great, but I'm not a fan of the swimsuit. Obviously, Ben Z. gets the rose.

The second group date card has the clue "learn to love" and the chosen guys are: Jonathan, Ben H., Joshua, Ryan, Jared, and Tanner. I don't know why Tanner is still here. They've not shown anything that makes him seem to have any real connection with Katilyn. The only person who may be worse off than Tanner is Ryan, because this group date is his first date, but I'm pretty sure he's still around because Katilyn hasn't had the time to get to know him yet. She has had that time with Tanner, but like I said, he's at the bottom of the connection list in my opinion.

The date involves the guys going to a school and teaching children sex education. I laughed through this entire segment. I've seen a lot of negative feedback about this date, but personally I loved it. It was apparent it was staged, and Kaitlyn admits in her ITM that the kids are actors, but it was hilarious to see the guys in such an awkward position and see how they tried to do their best and explain the sex ed material.

Joshua was extremely funny (he calls tampons "tampins" and talks about learning sex ed from his cows), and like Ben. Z, he's hunky and seems nice and normal, but unlike Ben Z., he's more outgoing and has a bit more personality. Jared is also amusing. He makes up a funny song about male puberty and Jared's personality continues to surprise and impress me. I know (due to an ITM) that soon he shaves the facial hair and he looks so much better without it.

Ryan is up first in front of the kids and he has to teach anatomy. He has a 3D diagram of the female anatomy and he does pretty well and makes everyone laugh. Next is Jonathan and he gets to answer questions from the kids and he can't handle it and the kids react to the different information in funny ways. We don't really see Jared do his spiel, only a quick shot of him being up there and not knowing what to say, and we only see Tanner holding a banana and a condom and a little banter between him and one of the kids. Next is Joshua, and Joshua just goes straight for the pertinent information about menstruation. Then he gets a little confused and has to be helped out by the teacher, and is turning deeper shades of red the entire time. Once back on track, he shows the kids what girls do with tampons, and then he's free and looks relieved. Last is Ben H. He is direct yet sentimental and while he explains reproduction to the kids, he relates it to his relationship with Kaitlyn (and in my Periscope of this episode I totally broke out into the reproduction song from Grease 2 - one of my fave musicals). He does very well and you can see how impressed Katilyn and even the other guys are of his performance.

Then comes the after party. Joshua gets time first, and while I love his personality, he's going slow with Katilyn and she is not the slow-going type (he has revealed before that he's never been in love and on this date he reveals he didn't get his first kiss until college). I think it's fine he's taking his time, but it may not bode well for his relationship with Katilyn as she may move on to other dudes if she doesn't get what she needs from Joshua. Next is Ben H. and he and Katilyn go on the roof for some talk, a little slow dancing, and some making out. Ben H. is a cutie but we haven't gotten to see much of his personality yet. He does talk about how he has worked with kids and he almost seems too much of the white knight type. But he greatly impresses Katilyn. Jared gets his time and they go to Katilyn's suite at the hotel where they are having the group date and there is talk and making out and Katilyn has a big smile the whole time she's with him. However, she can only give out one group date rose and she chooses Ben H., greatly disappointing Jared.

Throughout the latter part of the episode we got some short segments about J.J. and Clint's bromance. Evidently they do everything together and the rest of the guys comment on it and talk about they have isolated themselves from everyone else and are all about each other and not Katilyn. The producers get Clint to say some things about how he feels about J.J., and it's obviously not serious, but they go for the bromance anyway.

Then the rose ceremony is up, and J.J. and Clint clearly think they are better than all of the other guys. Katilyn mentions she's heard there is friction in the house, and that makes me think that some of the guys on the group date talked to Katilyn about the J.J. and Clint issue but it wasn't really shown on the episode except for the few comments in their ITMs. Clint grabs Kaitlyn and tries to reassert his position after being a doofus and losing ground on his group date. He does well in gaining affection back from Katilyn and leaves his time with her feeling even more confident. But then the more the other guys talk to Kaitlyn, the more she hears about how Clint is not genuine. I don't think they've really shown what the guys are like inside the house, aside from Clint and J.J.'s bromance, so it's difficult as a view to feel their concerns are warranted when we haven't seen any of it. In his ITMs, J.J. makes some comments where he is clearly thinking of himself as a predator and the other guys are prey. It's slightly scary but also funny because he's so ridiculous. He obviously thinks he's one of those tough guys when he's really a doughy baby.

Jared has lost the facial hair, yay! After hearing what 13 out of the 15 guys have to say about Clint, Kaitlyn goes to grab him and is going to kick him out. The episode ends, yet again, without a rose ceremony. During the credits, we get more of Joe and Joe's boys, and again it's funny. So by the end, we lost Kupah (even though he technically got let go last episode), Cory S. Daniel, Tony, and Clint is clearly on his way out.

Overall it was another funny and drama-filled episode. Unfortunately, I find it extremely annoying having the rose ceremonies at the beginning of the next week instead of at the end of the current episode. Please let this be the last one for that. My week 3 list:

Funniest: tie between Joe and Joshua
Guy that gets better with each episode: Jared
Guy I think currently has the most chemistry with Kaitlyn: Shawn
Guy I was most surprised by (in a good way): Ben H.
Guy I hope we get to know more: tie between Joe and Chris (Cupcake)
Guy with the least screen time: Ryan
Guy I wish wasn't going to be on the show next week: Nick

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