Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Museday [6]

I stumbled across this duo here and instantly fell for them and their music.  It took literally one song to inspire me.  So who and what is it?

Today's Muse is...Like I'm Alive by Grand Vanity.

I really don't know how to describe Grand Vanity's music except that it rocks, but subtly.  This song has a pretty long intro, building up in such a way that you are listening to every note and beat, waiting to see what's coming.  Then the lyrics begin, and the take the same course as the music, slow and building then the chorus hits.  And the crux of the song is whoever the singer is singing about makes him feel alive.

When I first heard this song, not only did I love it, but it gave me an almost instant visual, like a scene from a movie.  The song's intro is playing, showing the MC of my novel at her locker.  Something catches her attention and she looks up and toward the end of the hallway.  Then we see her eyes widen, a look of awe spreading down her face.  The camera then switches, showing the feet, boots most likely, of a guy, walking around the corner and into the hallway. His steps are in sync with the riffing guitar as the camera pans upward to show us that he is devilishly handsome, dressed impeccably, and headed right for the MC.  Then (because I know what happens between them throughout the rest of the story...and no, I'm not telling *_^) as the chorus, the "You make me feel like I'm alive!" sounds with the guitar behind, I see a montage of all the moments from later on when he makes her feel alive.

So the song serves not only as an awesome intro for one of my characters, but it also explains why my MC is drawn to him, because he makes her feel alive.  And also it's just an amazing song.  ^_^

Unfortunately, I could not find a video playing this song, so below is the link to Grand Vanity's Myspace page.  I hope you visit and listen to their music, especially "Like I'm Alive," which is listed second on their track list.

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