Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Write Stuff [16] - NaNoWriMo Day 30

Write Stuff (formerly Working Writer Wednesday) is a weekly meme based on the Wannabe Writer meme hosted by Sarah at Confessions of the Un-Published. This meme (I changed the name so I could post on any day of the week) is what prompted me to start Writer Quirk, so I am thankful to Sarah for creating it and allowing ANYONE (even a quirkster like me) to join up. So go visit her site and the others who participate. Do it.

For the month of November, Write Stuff will be my way of updating my NaNoWriMo progress here on the blog. Hope you enjoy the crazy!

Where I am in the writing process:  I'm done! I reached 50,057 yesterday afternoon. I got more words in last year, but a win is a win!  ^_^

My problem(s) today:  Not a thing! Unless you count the fact that my novel, while meeting the 50k goal, is not finished. So, yeah, I have more writing to do.

What made me happy today: Successfully having completed NaNoWriMo meant I didn't have to write today! I took a nice break, read a book, stalked people on Twitter, lol.

Goal for tomorrow: Keep on truckin'. I don't like to think I've written 50k just to leave it there and not finish the thing to the end. The real reward is having a complete beginning-middle-end draft of a novel, so that's my goal for however long it takes me to reach the end of the story.

And now, my new NaNoWriMo badge! Yay!

That's it for this time!

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