Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Today=AWESOME (The Near Witch Paperback Relase & WQ 2 Year Blogoversary!)

Today is Tuesday, May 15, 2012 and today = awesome. 


1. Today is the release of the paperback edition of The Near Witch! If you haven't read this ah-maze-ing novel (my thoughts found here), you should, and what better time than with this new edition? Also, if you buy the paperback, it comes with the first chapter of Victoria Schwab's upcoming YA novel, The Archived, which I am insanely excited about, like kitten-with-a-ball-of-sparkly-yarn excited. The Near Witch + The Archived Chapter 1 is way more than worth the few dollars it costs so go get your copy! (You can buy it here or here or here or here.)

2. If you have seen my interview with Victoria Schwab (found here) you know I am giving away a signed hardback edition of The Near Witch. BUT, if you tweet about The Near Witch before 12:01AM CST on May 16th, I will pick one tweeter to receive a paperback edition of The Near Witch! The only other rule besides the deadline is that the tweet must contain the hashtag #thenearwitch and link my twitter handle (@writerquirk). Now don't tweet the messages directly to me, just make sure to have both of those components in the tweet and do it before the deadline.  

3. Lastly, today is Writer Quirk's two year blogoversary! WOOOT! Because I'm running two giveaways right now for The Near Witch, I'm holding off on a blogoversary giveaway which will allow me to gather more prizes for my lovely quirksters! I'm thankful for all of my readers and visitors and I'm hoping for another awesome year! ^_^

Thanks again for reading and don't forget to check out The Near Witch!

Sixteen-year-old Lexi, who lives on an enchanted moor at the edge of the village of Near, must solve the mystery when, the day after a mysterious boy appears in town, children start disappearing.

Victoria is the product of a British mother, a Beverly Hills father, and a southern upbringing. Because of this, she has been known to say "tom-ah-toes," "like," and "y'all."

She also tells stories.

She loves fairy tales, and folklore, and stories 
that make her wonder if the world is really as it seems.

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