Wednesday, September 17, 2014

For Fun [3] - The Darkest Minds Fan Cast

Hey quirks! I was super excited to hear about a director being selected for the adaptation of Alexandra Bracken's novel The Darkest Minds, so I decided to do a fan cast.

Please be warned I read the book two years ago so I'm going off my memory and images of fan art, and I'm only including the main four and a fifth I thought it would be fun to cast. Also, I did not consider the acting skills of these people (some of which I haven't even seen), just their general look and vibe (and the knowledge that Hollywood can make anyone look like a teen).

What do you think? Who would you cast for The Darkest Minds movie?

You know her from:

You know him from:

You know him from:

You know her from:

You know him from:

And don't forget the final book in the trilogy, 
In the Afterlight, comes out next month!

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