Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lend Me Your Earbuds! [1]

Hey quirks! I plan to do this feature whenever the mood strikes me, and it could be about music, podcasts, or even audio books! Today I want to tell you about a couple podcasts I enjoy listening to on a regular basis about books and reading. I hope you check them out!

Literary Disco
LD is hosted by three writers/bookish individuals: Tod Goldberg, Julia Pistell, and Rider Strong (yes, that Rider Strong). They play fun and often hilarious games, talk about books on their shelves, and read and discuss a book each episode. Through LD I've learned about a lot of books I'd never heard of before and I love listening to these three banter.

Books on the Nightstand is hosted by Ann Kingman and Michael Kindness, both book lovers and publishing industry professionals. They discuss different topics and themes each episode, answer listener questions, recommend titles, talk about new book releases and current events in the book world.

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