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Reality TV: The Bachelorette Season 11 Week 1 Recap and Thoughts

The first two nights of The Bachelorette gave us two gorgeous ladies, lots of men, a drunken idiot, tears, and cheers.

I'm going to skip over the beginning of the show, which gave background on Kaitlyn and Britt and then some of the guys. The introductions out of the limos weren't mind-blowing overall, though there were a few standouts. A couple rode up in crazy vehicles: Chris (Nashville, Dentist) came up in a cupcake car and Shawn E. (Ontario, Amateur Sex Coach) rolled up in a "carpool" and was soaking wet. The ladies thought both were hilarious. Not so hilarious (or it was, but in a bad way) was Tony (Saint Louis, Healer) giving each girl the exact same spiel with them standing within earshot of each other. Mostly, the intros were just awkward. My favorite was Ian (San Diego, Executive Recruiter). He walked right up to Kaitlyn, told her he was there for her and he was going to make sure she stayed. Directness FTW!

Inside, the guys speculated about the ladies and many lightly chose sides. When the ladies joined them, the drinks and conversation flowed quickly, and it didn't take long before the bachelorettes were being pulled away for one-on-one time. Ian, again, stepped up to the plate and got Kaitlyn first, and Justin (Naperville, Fitness Trainer) got Britt.

What little snippets of Ian we got from interviews and his conversations with Kaitlyn only continued to impress me. He seems serious about finding love and a good guy to boot. We got some of his back story at the beginning of the show, so I think he not only has a great chance, but will be a great choice.

There were lots of little connections being made, lots of bubbly conversation and laughter, and lots of the ladies talking about her nervous and excited they were. When we cut to the guys chatting, the talk is continuous about which lady each one prefers. Corey (New York, Investment Banker) even threw out some strategy, debating if it was wiser to vote for the lady you liked best, or to vote for the one that liked you best. This made me question his intentions, or, he could just have not had a preference and was therefore doing the next most logical thing - figuring out how to stay in the game. Creepy John Travolta a.k.a. Josh (Chicago, Law Student/Exotic Dancer) even commented on how Corey's thought process was "pure strategy" while stroking his stubble.

We get a sweet moment with Joe (Columbia, Insurance Agent) where Kaitlyn repeated where he was from (Kentucky) and he says, "Yes, ma'am," and Kaitlyn flips out over how cute it was. Then Chris Harrison gets everyone's attention and says the voting room to decide who will be THE bachelorette is open, and Tony the Healer doesn't even wait for Host Chris to finish. He jumps up, walks to the voting room, and puts his rose into Britt's box (after being weird and placing his hands on both boxes and saying, "...I felt like the energy coming from the chest with Britt's name on it was pulsating.").

Then the ladies make mad dashes to talk to any and all men who they haven't gotten to talk to yet. Kaitlyn then has a talk with Joe that seems to go well and he, while being open-minded toward Britt, has essentially settled on Kaitlyn. More awkward moments arise and the guys keep discussing who should be The Bachelorette amongst themselves and start truly taking sides and even attempting to sway the others if the can. One of the guys, Jared a.k.a. Love Man (Warwick, Restaurant Manager) breaks down the situation for the guys by saying that when he was with one lady, she was it, then he talked to the other, and his mind changed, and that ultimately he didn't decided until he walked into the voting room. Votes continued to get cast, though most aren't shown.

Amidst all of this Ryan M. (Kansas City, Junkyard Specialist) gets drunk, gets undressed, gets wet, gets into confrontations with other dudes, slaps Kaitlyn on the rear, calls the ladies "hoes", throws his vote rose against a wall, asks why he isn't raping one of the other dudes right then, and is eventually approached by a really big bouncer dude. When he is told that Chris Harrison wants to talk to him, he responds, "Chris Hansen?" who is the host of To Catch a Predator, which is probably a more appropriate show for Ryan M. to be on than The Bachelorette.

After Ryan M. was booted, Tanner (Kansas City, Auto Finance Manager) is pretty sure he's going to vote for Kaitlyn, but he wants to be sure so he goes to talk to Britt. Britt almost immediately calls him out on having given her tissues during his intro (in reference to her crying on The Bachelor), and it was awkward. In the next shot, Tanner is gung ho on Kaitlyn. No clue why (/sarcasm).

We next see a nice interaction between Kaitlyn and Shawn B. (Windsor Locks, Personal Trainer) and Shawn B. is a lot cuter than in his bio photo and very smooth (I took to calling him Shawn Gosling on Twitter because he favors the Canadian actor, but is more the Hey Girl meme version of Gosling in my opinion). Meanwhile, Britt has a sweet conversation with Brady (Nashville, Singer-songwriter) where they discuss spirituality, then it's back to the guys going back and forth about the ladies.

Night one ends with the cliffhanger of Chris Harrison counting the votes then walking out to let the ladies know the results. Night two picks up right there, with Host Chris telling Britt (in an intentionally roundabout way) that she is not going to be The Bachelorette. Surprisingly Britt holds it together well until she gets into the limo, but she is shocked that she is going home.

In the same roundabout way, Host Chris tells Kaitlyn that she is The Bachelorette, and she is overwhelmed with excitement and happiness, then immediately stressed again when Chris says there will be a rose ceremony. After talking to the guys as a group, Kaitlyn continues getting to know the men.

Kaitlyn talks with Joshua (Kuna, Industrial Welder) who gives her a metal rose that he made. Soon after, the First Impression Rose is brought out. A quick succession of conversations is shown and then the worries begin about if those that voted for Britt will have a shot with Kaitlyn. To up their odds, many of them try to get one-on-one time with Kaitlyn. Jared a.k.a. Love Man decided to be upfront with Kaitlyn about his vote and she appreciated his honesty. However, the conversation makes Kaitlyn question if the guys that voted for Britt are in any way happy that Kaitlyn is The Bachelorette. Brady talks about his mixed feelings about staying and his disappointment that Britt didn't get chosen.

J.J. (Denver, Former Investment Banker) had originally been there for Kaitlyn, but after not getting to talk with her and making a connection with Britt, he is now concerned about getting to know Kaitlyn. When Kaitlyn tells him that him having a three-year-old daughter would make her take him more seriously than some of the others, he's right back on board with Kaitlyn. Chris the Dentist gets time next and jumps right to praising Kaitlyn, makes a joke or two, and then goes in for a kiss, the first of the night.

Katilyn continues to get more comfortable talking to the guys. She has another conversation with Joe and Shawn B., and probably with Clint (Chicago, Architectural Engineer), but the next shot we get shows Katiltyn going inside to get the First Impression Rose and stealing Shawn B. away. They go outside and she gives him the First Impression Rose and Kaitlyn gets her second kiss of the night.

Then we're taken right to the rose ceremony. Lots of the guys are nervous, some because they aren't sure where they stand, others because they voted for Britt and are hoping either Kaitlyn doesn't know or won't count it against them. The ones that voted for Katilyn are hoping they get to stay and the Britt-voters get sent home. Katilyn begins handing out roses. Shawn B. already has one, so her first Rose Ceremony rose goes to Chris the Dentist. Next is Ben H. (Denver, Software Salesman), J.J., Joe, Kupah (Boston, Entrepreneur), Daniel (Nashville, Fashion Designer), Ryan B. (Wellington, Realtor), Joshua, and Tony. Before Kaitlyn can continue, Brady interrupts the ceremony and asks to speak to her. They talk and Brady confesses that his heart is with Britt and he is excusing himself from the competition to find Britt, and Chris Harrison promises to help him out.

Kaitlyn is fine with his leaving because she appreciates his honesty and doesn't want someone to stay that isn't there for her. She explains Brady's decision to the rest of the guys then continues on handing out roses. Clint receives the next rose, then Corey, Jonathan (Detroit, Automotive Specialist), Cory (Pearland, Residential Developer), Ben Z. (San Jose, Entrepreneur), Tanner, Ian, Justin, and then there is only one more rose. Kaitlyn picks Jared, which means David (Orlando, Real Estate Agent), Bradley (Atlanta, International Auto Shipper), Shawn E., and Josh were sent home.

The night started with two ladies and twenty-five men, and ended with one bachelorette and nineteen guys moving on to the next week. There was a big teaser at the end of the episode, but I don't even want to go into it. Looks like this season may be the most dramatic/craziest one yet.

So what did I think of the guys? I've made a little list:

Guy I hope stays a long while: Ian
Guy I was most surprised by (in a good way): Chris
Guy I think currently has the most chemistry with Kaitlyn: Shawn B.
Guy I wish we'd gotten to know more: David
Guy I could really do without: Tony

What did you think of The Bachelorette premier?
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