Saturday, May 15, 2010

First Faturday!

Since this is my first post on my new blog, I decided to start with a feature! Every Faturday (as opposed to Saturday) I am going to choose a photo of my cat, Fatty, to share. To learn more about Fatty, visit the Fatty & the Fedora page button up top. If you have any questions about Fatty (or for Fatty, as I'm sure he would love to answer your questions), just leave a comment!

The first Faturday photo is the original pic I used to get what is now my profile pic:
In the edited photo (my profile pic), I used Photoshop to make Fatty's eyes more visible. The result is that he actually appears to be looking at the camera in addition to looking more menacing and paranormally feral:

Which he's not. He is super laid-back and the biggest kitty prince this side of the Mississippi. I would add a little crown to the pic, but the Photoshop edition I have doesn't run on my current OS (boo), so until I can get another edition, I likely will just post originals for a while.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Faturday!



  1. Congratulations on your new blog. I'm going to post my first Wannabe Writer post within the next hour. I have 3 kitties who look like Fatty. Their mother looked like him too. She adopted us and had her kittens under our deck. The three gray kittens are still here: Allison, Rose Petal, and Pebbles. They are grown now and insist on being part of the family in their wiley ways.

  2. Thanks! I look forward to your WW post. And that's the truth of it, the cats adopt us, not the other way around. :oP I love the name Pebbles! So cute, especially because of the coloring.


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