Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Upcoming Stuff

Since starting this blog, I have brainstormed on the different features and things I could post.  One of my very first ideas was to highlight the music that inspires me as a writer.  Not only is this a way for you to get to know me, but also I get to share some of my favorite artists/albums/songs/lyrics with you!  So tomorrow I will post my first
Museic of the Month, to be posted once a month.

My next idea was for a feature called From Where I'm Standing.  I've never had a desire to do a photo blog before, but I just love putting pictures on here.  I like to go around my hometown and just take photos, so I was thinking of maybe posting some on a bi-weekly basis.  This could possibly turn into a writing-meme of sorts, with whoever wants to join up writing a short scene using the pictures as setting or inspiration for dialogue, etc.  We'll see how this one plays out.

This next thing is not so much an idea, just an I'm-not-sure-I-want-to-do-it thing.  Book Reviews.  This blog was not created to do reviews, but I do have opinions on what I'm reading.  While I do have two years of being an English major under my belt, I don't really go in for writing super-detailed reviews.  That requires more work than I have time for, so I'm thinking of a (very simple) rating system, a quick blurb about likes/dislikes of a book, and whether or not I'd be willing to read a follow-up.  I may do something similar for Book Cover Art.

Only time will tell where this all goes.  But DO check back tomorrow (later today I guess since it's after 3am here) for the first Museic of the Month because it features one of my new favorite artists!


Thank you for reading!