Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Museic - Charmaine

The Museic I want to highlight for my first Museic feature is....

CHARMAINE - Love Reality

You may have never heard of her, which is a cryin' shame!

A blurb about her album LOVE REALITY from her own website:
Love Reality is a uniquely balanced blend of orchestral pop sounds and electronic beats behind a voice that is unmistakably Charmaine. With ten newly penned songs, "Love Reality" delivers with clarity the heart of this artist, stirs the soul of the listener and leaves one asking deeper questions and craving answers. "This record reflects all the things I'm truly convinced of: Love is the true reality; God.. Love Himself, is good. And because of this, there is hope." - Charmaine
Why LOVE REALITY is Museical:  This whole album is about struggling and fighting through life while remembering that love and hope are ever-present.  This is a main theme in my current WIP and Charmaine's catchy beats and clear voice remind me of my MC's story.

Tracks (*faves*):
*Tell Me*
*At My Door*
*Love Reality*
*Tied to the Ground*
*Fighting Furies*
Not Fair
*Revolutionary Thought*

Quirk: The track "Love Reality" makes me think I should put on a flowery sun dress and go twirl around under a big blue sky with some colorful balloons.  What an image, eh?

(Listen to song previews here.)

Rating:  Royalty
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