Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm having a slight out-of-body experience...

Okay, one rule I generally keep up pretty well is "Don't read blogs you wrote years ago when you were stupid and selfish and emo."

I broke that rule and learned some things.

1.  That was ME?  I am so different now, it seems like a completely separate life, let alone person.  And just FYI, the time between now and then is approximately four years.  Seems like eons.

2.  Maybe I wasn't as weird a person as I thought.  Okay, I was out there in some ways, but from my blog I sound pretty normal, almost.  I'm starting to see how paranoid/self-focused I was, which is slightly disturbing but at the same time completely expected.

3.  My sense of humor hasn't changed.  I mean, I know it has because there are things I would have found funny then that I wouldn't now.  But as I'm reading, I'm laughing, and not at myself in a "I was so stupid" way but in that way when you know someone is joking and it's funny because you get it and that is their personality.  Even if no one else ever thought I was funny, at least in my eyes my humor is still top notch, even if it is a few years old.

4.  If you use nicknames for people, keep a list somewhere. I'm reading through and coming across names for people (Berlin, Thames, Kansas, etc.) and I have no idea who I was talking about!  Some of them I figured out eventually, tying events to people and then to nicknames, but seriously!  Who that crap is Kansas?!

5.  Reading comments from people you used to know can make it feel like you still know them.  Even if you haven't seen them in years.  Or spoken.  Or anything.  Or they've had a stroke and are no longer themselves.  But it does no good to pine for the past. *sigh*

Some of my favorite quotes from my former self:

when i die, i want my ashes scattered on the internet, because that is where i spent most of my life.
*STILL TRUE* (the last part anyway) 

Sexuality: duh, i dont have a bf for my health
From one of those super quizzes that were so popular

the appropriate definition of an indie film: don't expect an ending...
from when I began working at a movie store 

jeez, im such an unspeakably ridiculous person...
I still can be this sometimes...

at the moment i dont feel very tongue is hanging out of my mouth, my eyes are half open, and my nostrils keep flaring...sounds spectacular, doesnt it? 
what happens when I don't sleep...

and right now i seem to be putting off thinking about the fact that the future of my college career will be decided soon, and until then my life is hanging in the balance...frankly, no 3.25 or better=no scholarship=no college=no good job=no life... 
That stuff in bold?  I was SO WRONG!!!!  I have a great job and an awesome life, and I never finished school.

Okay, that's it for the flashback!  Thanks for reading!  ^_^ 


  1. The first quote was actually pretty funny!

  2. Crazy quotes! I try really hard not to do this. I like to pretend I never wrote anything as stupid as I did, but I'm in the same boat.

    My old blog dates back to 2002, and I'm your age. So you can imagine the horrors!


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