Sunday, July 4, 2010

Holy Blogger, Fatman! [Part Three]

Okay, so almost three weeks ago I started this multi-post (see Part One & Two), and I finally can tell you the rest of the awesomeness that went down around that time.

1.  I won my 1st giveaway! 

From Caitlin over at Written Word Review I received three 
Tera Lynn Childs books, four bookmarks, and a temp tattoo!
Also, all three books are signed by the author!

2.  I won my 2nd and 3rd giveaways the same day!

I received the copy of Evernight by Claudia Gray courtesy of the weekly Second Hand Saturday Contest over at Reading Teen.
The advance readers' edition of Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel (due out 08/03/10) I received from Goodreads.

I will be reading these as quickly as I can, and you may see them in the contest that will accompany Blogfest 2010 coming in September.
(Click the button in the sidebar to sign up!)

Also, you may have noticed my new background.  
I hope you like it, and if you ever feel the need, I now have a button you can grab at the top of the right sidebar!


  1. I love your new background! I'll remember to put up your button, too, once I start up a page for those.

    Congrats with all your giveaway wins! That's so awesome. Happy reading~ :D

  2. Wow, those are amazing prizes!
    Congratulations! :)

    I'm super jealous about Forgive My Fins (SIGNED & SWAG!!) and Infinite Days...

    Cass @ Words on Paper VIA Saturday Network (

  3. Linna: Thanks! I'm glad you like it! ^_^

    Cass: Thank you! I was super excited when they came in! Thanks for stopping by!


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