Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Total ECLIPSE of Sanity

At midnight on Tuesday, June 29, 2010, I was one of many attending the opening of Twilight Saga:  Eclipse.  My thoughts on the movie are in a separate post (HERE), so this post is a short account of my adventure and a few videos courtesy of me, my friends, our local IHOP, and the delirium that accompanies the wee hours of the morning.

First, Eric and I arrived at about 10:30pm to our local movie temple (we don't live in a big city so we weren't expecting anything crazy).  We thought we'd be all smart and get there early and were slightly surprised to find out that were were late.  Quite late.  There was no parking so we had to park in the lot next to the theater and walk up from the street.  No big, really, as it was a nice, warm night and we were not alone.  :oP

Anyway, we got our tickets and proceeded to stand in line for a while.  We finally made it in and learned that they were seating people regardless of the showtime they had paid for, which was slightly disgruntling, but we ended up in a theater that had plenty of seating left (because evidently some people have an aversion to the lower level).  The theater staff had obviously not expected the chaos that caused all twelve theaters to be filled, but they were still courteous and pleasant, answering the same questions over and over and ushering people in as best they could.  These nice theater employees talked with us while we were waiting:

We eventually sat ourselves in theater number nine and waited for our friends Caitlyn, Sina, and Sarah.  I was on edge slightly as I was saving seats for them and was hoping they would arrive before the seating filled up, but our theater never reached capacity so it worked out just fine.  We were able to sit together and didn't have to crane our necks like we did the year before (front row=not my favorite).

The lights dimmed shortly after midnight, and we were treated to the awesome Deathly Hallows trailer, among others.  Then it started, finally, after months upon months of waiting for this moment, ECLIPSE began and the squeeing commenced! 

It was great!  The theater goers laughed together (often when it wasn't really warranted, but that's half the fun).  There were many hoots and howls (Edward, Jacob, Jasper, oh my!) and applause after the show was over.

It was a claustrophobe's nightmare trying to get out of the theater, but once out, those in our group stopped for pictures in front of the movie poster.

Me, Caitlyn, Sina, and Sarah

Eventually (at the prodding of a hungry Eric) we made our way to our cars.  Instead of going by sidewalk (like normal, sane people) we traversed the landscaping of stones and shrubs as a shortcut.

We made it to our cars without injury and then drove to an immeasurably understaffed IHOP.  Evidently, the restaurant was already short-handed when the after-Eclipse-food-boom happened.

Eric, Sina, Sarah, and Caitlyn being themselves.

The videos pretty much pick up from here, and we discuss the movie and various other things.  The round-table (or square-table) recording, which was not planned but a spontaneous decision, is the epitome of random.  So if you think you can handle the random, please watch and feel free to laugh at us.   

It's okay, we do it all the time.


  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun!
    My viewing of Eclipse was a little less eventful. All I had to do was endure a few glares from people after my sister saved me and my hubby seats on the front row of the back section (very coveted seats, apparently). lol.

    Also, I'm glad to see that my coworkers and I aren't the only ones who break out in random renditions of Potter Puppet Pals.

  2. We did! Haha, good move. But don't make those teenagers too angry; they just might sparkle all over you. :oP

    And you would be surprised how often we turn into Potter Puppet Pals or those unicorns from Charlie the Unicorn. I would join a traveling show and play the live-action version of the Ron Weasley puppet or one of those trippy mythical beasts if I could. ^_^

  3. Ha sounds like fun! It sounds just like when I went to see the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince!


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