Friday, May 13, 2011

Book Blogger Hop & Follow Friday! [1]

Book Blogger Hop 

Welcome blog hoppers! Thanks for visiting!

And don't miss my 1st Blogoversary Giveaway 
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  1. Hopping through. New follower! Have a great weekend.
    My Hop

  2. Just stopping by! Happy Follow Friday! New follower! see ya! :)

  3. Just hopping through! Happy Friday! New follower;) Have a great weekend!

  4. Hoppin' back over to you. Thanks for the visit and the follow. Also flattered that I can be cute :D I really enjoyed The Hunger Games, my hubby even read them and couldn't stop talking about it! Lol
    I tend to be drawn to the tearjerkers; I guess I like me a good cry.
    *new follower*

  5. Hopping by:) Have a great weekend!

  6. Hello, fellow Tennessean! Thanks for stopping by. :) I didn't really get emotional (aside from being very mad at President Snow) until the last book. Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. I'm so glad I joined the Hop and Follow and look forward to doing it every week!

    Thanks for hopping by!


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