Sunday, May 29, 2011

What Happened This Week [2]

What Happened This Week is a new weekly meme where I will bullet point things I encountered in my week.  Expect randomness.  ^_^

So this is a double dose of WHTW due to A LOT happening and completely knocking me off my schedule.

  • I walked/jogged 7 miles on the 14th.  Then the memories of what happened May 15-20 were completely wiped from my mind by the events of the days following.

  • I attended the Tennessee Renaissance Festival in Arrington, Tennessee, on Saturday the 21st.  Lots of fun was had despite getting completely soaked.  Huzzah!

  • At the TRF, I ate frozen, chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick.  No lie.  And yes, it was as awesome as it sounds.

  • The dance/tumbling class I helped teach with my sister ended.  I will miss the girls but not the sweat/bruises!

  • I found out that I would be spending the entirety of my wedding savings on a financial emergency that popped up. 

  • Due to no longer having any money to pay for my wedding, Captain Italian and I scrambled to change plans. We were able to get our deposit back from our church (which is also helping us with chairs) and my aunt is allowing us to have the whole thing at her house (she has a lot of yard).

  • I utterly befuddled my father when he suggested we move the wedding back six months (in order to save up more money) and I responded with "I hate the number 2 and refuse to be married in 2012, which was a stupid movie!" So we moved it up from November 19th to August 14th.

  • I searched for a long, white summer dress to go with my now outdoor and informal wedding and found NOT A ONE in my entire town.

  • I checked the actual bridal shops in the area and found a dress that was extremely reasonable and perfect for our summer wedding.  The lady agreed to hold the dress for more than a week so I could gather the money to pay for it.  Awesome, right? (It gets better.)

  • My sister and I found gorgeous bridesmaid dresses at a very, very low price.  Then my sister handed me my mail and told me to open it.

  • I opened my mail.  Despite not usually getting a tax return, I got one this year.  For more than half what I had saved for my wedding.  And Captain Italian, who was supposed to have gotten nothing also, got more than he makes in a week.  There was a lot of happy dancing and squeeing.

  • I paid for my dress IN FULL the very next day after finding it.  Then Captain Italian took me shoe and jewelry shopping and I now have those as well. 

  • We still have several things to pay for, but we are no longer wondering how we will manage.  And this may sound weird, but I am very thankful it all happened this way.  I always find out how little my faith is during events like this, and God always proves he is greater than my worries, struggles, and fears.  I really wanted an outdoor wedding but thought we needed the extra time to save up.  But in the end I get the outdoor wedding, have fewer expenses as well as the money to pay for them, and get to praise God for what he's done for me.  ^_^

So what happened to you this week?

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