Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Living with AWS #1: Annoying Writer Syndrome

If you are a writer, or know one, or have happened upon one in the wild, you may already know about Annoying Writer Syndrome.  Maybe you call it something else, but the symptoms are usually the same no matter the moniker.

Have you ever met someone with AWS?  Do YOU have AWS?  Here are some common symptoms:
  • Using words like "moniker" or other unnecessary language that shows you read dictionaries and/or thesauruses.
  • Knowing the correct way to pluralize "thesaurus."
  • Being unable to spell "pluralize" without spell check, though knowing it is, indeed, a word.
  • Thanking God for spell check, grammar check, and the digital font of knowledge (the internet) on a regular basis.
  • Asking questions only a best friend should ask of a new acquaintance due to new acquaintance's interesting job, history, name, accent, etc. and then at first chance writing it all down to save for your next WIP.
  • Squeeing over any info relating to books, authors, book-to-movie adaptations, merchandise, etc.
  • Knowing what "squeeing" is.
  • People watching.  Unabashedly.
  • Eavesdropping on conversations in public.
  • Setting up a sign near you warning people that anything they say or do in your presence may be preserved for posterity in a work of fiction (or possibly non-fiction).
  • Using alliteration every chance you get.
  • Carrying your laptop/writing utensils with you like a talisman.
  • Haunting a public place with said talisman.
  • Always ordering the same thing at said haunt and sitting in the same three seats (depending on availability).
  • Tipping the waitstaff/baristas extra because they have to see you so much.
  • Not having any "free time" because writing is definitely not "free time" and reminding your friends of this every time they mention it.
  • Turning any conversation about books to your own work.
  • Turning any conversation about movies to books to your own work.
  • Hinting to someone you have a "turned-to-your-work" conversation with that maybe they would like to read your work.
  • Alternately telling yourself you are awesome and are horrible at writing, and having mood swings based on your own encouragement/discouragement.
  • Reading agent/editor/publisher blogs and articles and having the great desire to bang your head on a wall to rid yourself of this demented dream, then gushing to your friends/family about how important it is to follow your dreams no matter how difficult and how you are doing that.
  • Having a blog and not blogging.

Well, that's a start.  You may wonder, if you have never met someone with AWS, how are these things annoying? To find out, please return for Part 2 in the Living with AWS blog series - Why There Is No Cure - to be posted soon.

If you are living with or know someone with AWS, what are the symptoms you encounter?  Are there ones you would add to the list?  Please let me know, so we can warn the public about this annoying atrocity of an affliction!

Living with AWS (and forcing everyone around me to live with it, too!)


  1. I'm so glad there's a name for this mysterious ailment I suffer from!

    Count me as a fellow AWS-sufferer!

  2. Lol. It just came to me, as I was being an annoying writer at the time. ^_^

  3. This is just epic! Following back! ^_^


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