Saturday, May 14, 2011

What Happened This Week [1]

What Happened This Week is a new weekly meme where I will bullet point things I encountered in my week.  Expect randomness.  ^_^

  • I held my very first blogoversary giveaway in honor of the first year of Writer Quirk!  Contest ends today at 8:00PM (CST) so enter here before it is too late!
  • I found out my newest cat, Ula (oo-lah), is very hard to photograph...because she's a ninja.
  • My friend's daughter (who shares a name with one of the most famous YA heroines out there) now greets me as "Shawena!" which is super cute.
  • Bubble therapy is awesome.  Most of my money this spring/summer will go to buying bubble supplies.
  • I ran the outside mile route at work this week and it was amazing.  I did two miles in half an hour (pretty good for someone with bad knees, shin splints, and extra junk in the trunk).
  • I watched several episodes of One Piece.  And laughed.  A lot.
  • I joined in the Book Blogger Hop and Follow Friday and it was great!  Welcome to all my new quirksters!  ^_^
  • I spilled a glass of water on my iPhone and it is perfectly fine.  Thank you OtterBox.
  • I left my iPhone on the roof of my car and drove it nearly a mile before realizing where it was.  It was still exactly where I had laid it because the rubber of the cover had a nice grip to it.  Thank you OtterBox...again.  (Can you see why I have the heavy duty case on my iPhone?)
  • I stumbled up on this book cover and I love it!!!  It is one of the most beautiful and evocoative covers I have seen in a while.  I literally stopped and was like, "Wow."  I hope the book inside is as good! 

So what happened to you this week?


  1. That is a gorgeous cover! To be honest I saw that cover and had to click on your post! Bubble therapy is awesome, everyone should have a bottle of bubbles. And I just joined FF and loved it too;) This week I bought a ton of books I shouldn't have... so now I can't buy anything else for a month! (Like that's gonna happen.) Happy Saturday!


  2. That is a beautiful book cover!

    And I am very impressed by the adventures your iPhone had this week while still remaining in working order. My hubby's Android got some fast food grease dripped on his this week and had to get it replaced. Luckily he had insurance!

  3. -This week I started Summer vacation
    -Got a suprise book in the mail but I dont know who to thank argghhh
    -rode 7 buses in one Hot Hot day ughhh
    -reread Unearthly & finished Enclave
    -did my first participation in a Hungergames live chat


  4. This is a great meme! I think I'll have to do this next week. ^_^

  5. If I ever get a cat, I hope it's a ninja cat.


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