Friday, June 18, 2010

From Where I'm Standing [2]

I usually only take pictures of my arm(s) on TWLOHA Day, but I have found one more occasion!

Today I gave blood!  Woot!  I'm O+, which means anyone else that has + blood (as opposed to Blood+ lol) can receive blood from me!  The only other more useful blood is O-, which anyone can receive.

I'm a fairly quick bleeder, but the girl who stuck me had only been there one week!  It's okay, she didn't have to re-stick me, but she didn't get the vein right away, so I had about five people staring at my left arm as one lady moved the needle around til she found the fount.

If you've never had this type of experience, let me just tell you the stickin' and finger-prickin' hurts a lot less than my arm does now.  It's sore, but luckily the bent-to-type position doesn't hurt so much.

But pain aside, giving blood is AWESOME.  You can save up to THREE people by donating blood.  As for you needle-shy people, I never actually saw a needle (you just have to know where to be looking, lol).  But seriously, if you can, you should give blood.  Vampires aren't the only ones out there who need it!

And I know FWIS was supposed to be pictures from around my town, but here's my arm instead! ^_^

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