Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eek! I hate falling behind...

So this week I started my new position at work, going from 2nd shift (4pm to 12:30am) to days (8am to 5pm) and when I came home, I wasn't sure what to do with myself.  I was sleepy (not used to going to bed before 3am and therefore not making it to bed until 1am usually) so I napped, sometimes did housework, but what I should have been doing was setting up posts so that when today rolled around, all I had to do was hit a button.  Yeah, I'm not much of a planner.

Well, I have a bonfire (I'm sort-of a closet pyro) to attend in a couple of hours, so I've got to get ready and also run some errands before it begins.  Time management is not a skill I possess in my personal life, apparently, so my usual Saturday posts will be later tonight.  These posts may or may not include my first giveaway.  We'll see.

Later Quirksters!


  1. I don't know what I would do if my schedule changed so drastically. I'm seriously dependent on my schedule. Seriously.

    Good luck straightening it out. :)

  2. Hey there! It's Megan from the writer's group.

    Hope you're adjusting to your new schedule well! You can stop being a vampire now and come live in the daylight with the rest of us. :)

  3. Pali: lol - as weird as it is, the change is a welcome one :o)

    Meg: Yay! Welcome! And yes, daylight is awesome! (and since I'm no longer a vampire, I don't sparkle :oP)


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