Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dude, my B is so big! (A Not-So-Random Post/Update)

Okay, that doesn't make much sense.  If the B you're thinking of is butt, technically you'd be right, but that's not what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about my B folder in my Google Reader (GR).  I've categorized the blogs I follow alphabetically, and by far the B's are the biggest group.  Probably has something to do with the word book, but that's just a theory.

I sometimes feel overwhelmed when I open my GR because there are so many posts.  If I go a day without checking it, I usually have well over a hundred new entries.  I follow a lot of blogs.  Why?

Well, first off, there are a lot of awesome book/writer blogs out there.  Second, when I find something I like, I want to show support.  Following is the easiest way to do this.  Follower numbers are a big deal in the blogosphere, especially if you are like most book bloggers and trying to convince publishers to send you ARCs for review.  I'm not one of those bloggers, because honestly I have a hard time reading the books I already have.  I am one of those bloggers who just gets a little high every time the follower number goes up. ^_^

The third reason for following are contests/giveaways.  Many blogs have follower contests in an effort to drum up more followers, or they offer contests where only followers are eligible.  Good strategy, I think, because I believe that no matter how much you want a certain book/swag/etsy prize, you aren't going to follow a blog you despise.

So I've been thinking about having a contest or two on here, but I'm teetering on whether or not to make it a contest revolving around the idea of followers.  While I would keep this blog up without followers, I love that people like or enjoy the blog enough to hit that follow button.  Plus, I have a the-more-the-merrier way of thinking when it comes to blogs.

So, would YOU like a contest/giveaway?  Should I make it a follower giveaway?  I've been hinting about doing one for a while now.  I have three books I am planning on giving away (more possibly), but if no one is interested I can find other uses for them.  Voice your opinion in the polls in the sidebar and comment if you have any suggestions!

As always, thanks for reading!  ^_^


  1. Book giveaways are awesome! Who doesn't love free books?
    I've won once in my whole book giveaway-entering career and I was beyond thrilled. lol.

    I haven't added a ton of blogs yet to my Reader - though I'm tempted - just for the reason you mentioned. I'm afraid of overwhelming myself! I'm only following 10 of my very favorite so far (including you!), but I'm steadily adding. :)

  2. Meg, have I told you you're awesome lately?

    You're awesome! ^_^


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