Saturday, June 5, 2010

Update-Update, plus "Dude! I'm Awesome!"

So, meeting with the local creative writers went well!  I had lots of fun and got to listen to a lot of great stuff, plus I met another aspiring author who writes YA!  In my hometown!  Near my age!  Dude! (choice word for the moment - don't know why, must have been bitten by something)

Shawna and I had a fantabulous time shopping and got to eat some delish sweet potato fries.

By the end, I had purchased three shirts, one pair of pants, a pair of dress shoes, a purse, and a necklace/earring set,  *insert game show announcer voice* an ensemble worth:  $189.  Want to know how much I paid?  ***drum roll please***  $50!  Dude!  I'm Awesome!  ^_^

Moving on...

I'm not feeling up to it, so I'm not going to do Wannabe Writers or my latest review right now (shopping wiped me out - 90-something degrees anyone? in JUNE?  *totally not summer enough for this yet*)

Oh, also, you people (and by you people I mean all those people out there whom I follow through Google Reader) blog way too much.  There. I said it. Sue me... o_O

WE INTERUPT THIS RANT FOR AN EXPLANATION:  Basically, I got behind on reading everything because my left eye spent much of this past week being cruciated (yes that cruciated, you HP scholars) and I'm a little bitter.  Not really with the bloggers, but with my eye, and that no-good-dirty-rotten-dark-wizard-dude.

Well, don't sue me, because I don't have much.  Except for Fatty.  And you can't have him.  So, sorry.  You don't blog too much.  Keep up the good work!  ^_^

And since I don't feel like writing either, I'm going to read.  The book I was reading is pretty much a DNF for me, so I'm heading back into Fey land to see if I can like it better this time.  I've read a little bitty bit of the sequel to Need by Carrie Jones, and it already feels better than the first, but we'll see.

Happy weekend, quirk lovelies!

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