Thursday, June 9, 2011

H - Authors from A to Z Challenge

Authors from A to Z is a posting challenge hosted by 
Heather at Proud Book Nerd. The challenge is simple: each day for the month of June (except Sundays) share your favorite authors whose last name corresponds to the letter for that day.  For more info, click the photo!

How I'm participating in the challenge:
I am trying to highlight at least three authors (YA or otherwise) per letter, some current favorites, others future favorites. If I cannot come up with three, I will substitute favorite books that start with the letter of that day. If that doesn't work, then just for fun I am going to list songs that start with the letter of that day. And if that doesn't work, well, it will be a surprise!

Today's Letter: H

Matsuri Hino
Many have probably never heard of this author/illustrator, but she is the creator of Vampire Knight, one of my absolute favorite mangas.  Not only is the art right up my alley, but it is high school with vampires!  There is also a delicious love triangle featuring the butt-kicking yet sensitive heroine divided between the mysterious vampire noble who inexplicably cares for her despite his position in the vampire world and the tough-on-the-outside vampire hunter who is torn by his tragic past and secret feelings.  It is fun, humorous, yet filled with action and romance.  I <3 it and hope Hino keeps writing!

Charlaine Harris
I have only gotten to ready Harris' Southern Vampire Mysteries thus far, but I love her complex cast of characters, mystery plot lines, and heavy dose of the supernatural.  I must admit the Sookie Stackhouse books are a guilty pleasure (one that I often have to skip major paragraphs of) but I love the magic and the mayhem.  I know a lot of people think Harris should have ended the series already, but I can't help but love Sookie and want to spend more time in her world.  I hope that when the series does end, Sookie gets a happily-ever-after, or things go down with a bang.

Michelle Hodkin (Future Favorite)
Seriously, after reading the first chapter of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, I was hooked.  I don't even think it took that long.  I was spooked and elated and ready for more.  There was just something unique about the writing. I can't put my finger on it, but I also can't wait to get my hands on this book and anything else by Hodkin.


  1. I have not read any of these. They sound good, though.

    Thanks for playing along! :-)

  2. They are!

    And I'm having so much fun! Some of the later letters are going to bite me though, lol.

  3. You and me both ... I should stop procrastinating and start figuring out what I'm gonna do ...

    But procrastinating is so much more FUN! ;-)


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