Monday, June 13, 2011

K - Authors from A to Z Challenge

Authors from A to Z is a posting challenge hosted by 
Heather at Proud Book Nerd. The challenge is simple: each day for the month of June (except Sundays) share your favorite authors whose last name corresponds to the letter for that day.  For more info, click the photo!

How I'm participating in the challenge:
I am trying to highlight at least three authors (YA or otherwise) per letter, some current favorites, others future favorites. If I cannot come up with three, I will substitute favorite books that start with the letter of that day. If that doesn't work, then just for fun I am going to list songs that start with the letter of that day. And if that doesn't work, well, it will be a surprise!

Today's Letter: K

Jonathan Kellerman
I know it is late, but I finally got to posting this.  This guy is the great writer of the Alex Delaware mysteries (not YA by any stretch) about a psychiatrist that works with the police to solve some of the most twisted cases I've ever seen.  Each book pulls you into the mystery and you never know which of the cast of characters is going to be the rotten apple.  Kellerman is great at making me pick someone as the bad guy, question myself, change my mind, question myself again, and in the end I'm never exactly right.  And sometimes you know who the bad guy is, you just don't know what exactly they are up to, and I'm always shocked and enthralled when everything comes to light at the end.

Tite Kubo
If you ever watch Adult Swim on Saturday nights, you probably know why this manga writer and artist in on my list.  One word:  Bleach.  I love the ever-evolving world, the myriad of unique characters, situations, and humor, and the overall battle of good and evil with lots of supernatural elements.  It usually takes me a while to like a series like this, but I fell for Bleach almost immediately.  The art is fantastic and the story just keeps going and bringing in more and more interesting characters.  It is so much fun, and I hope it lasts for a long, long time.

Julie Kagawa (Future Favorite)
I've read a good portion of The Iron King (didn't get to finish the rest before my NetGalley copy expired) and it is seriously the only fairy/faerie/fey story I actually got into and could see myself reading more of.  It was fun and interesting and I could really picture all the fantastical things and the characters pretty easily.  I'm looking forward to actually getting a whole copy of this (and the rest of the series) and cementing my Team Ash status.  Also, Julie looks like a super fun person, and you gotta love that in an author!

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