Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Museday [5]

Like a lot of Top 40 music these days, this artist is a hit or miss with me.  But the first time I heard this song, I knew it fit something in my story.  So who and what is it?

Today's Muse is...E.T. by Katy Perry.

Like I said above, I'm not generally a huge fan of artists like Katy Perry (though I love songs I can dance to - I just wish the lyrics were different or removed completely) but this is one of those where (if you ignore the Kanye West version) the lyrics aren't too bad and are about what most songs are about: love.  Or lust. Whatever.  In this case, it doesn't matter.

The awe and wonder Perry describes in the song is kind of how my MC feels once she really starts to understand this one guy in the story.  She doesn't know if he is one of the "good" guys or not, which is something that both frightens and intrigues her. And yes, the guy is hot and mysterious, so my MC is not sure if she is falling for him or just fawning over him.  Either way, this song, like my MC's mystery boy, is addictive and entrancing.

The video below just shows a picture of Katy Perry with the lyrics on the screen as the song is playing (and thankfully this one is sans Kanye).  Enjoy!   ^_^

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